SEEDPET is dedicated to helping your beloved dog design a comfortable and healthy bed. After many tests, we found that most of the dog bed is very ordinary, some have a plenty of do stuffing with ordinary sponge, easy to deformation, have a plenty of hybrid cotton fiber do stuffing, it is very thin and can't have the effect of support, much less comfortable, most of the pets here do not like to sleep in the above, flowery appearance does not bring comfort. Finally, we found Laifug, a company founded in 2015. They found inspiration from memory sponge. Through constant selection and trial, they designed several dog beds of different styles, which took into account the needs of fashion and comfort. Since it went on sale in 2015, it has been continuously praised by pet lovers, and tens of thousands of pieces have been sold on amazon. Therefore, we have decided not to design dog beds by ourselves. We have negotiated with Laifug for many times, and they agreed to authorize SEEDPET for sale. What's more, we've got a discount and don't miss it.


More products about Laifug can be found on their official website